Teaching Caricature

April 28, 2011

I was asked to present and teach caricature to a group of talented┬ákids last week at Bullcreek Primary school as part of the PEAC program (Primary Extension And Challenge). I remember doing this at schoolmyself, but all I got to do was learn computer programming in Turbo Pascal…

I introduced caricature, what I interpret it to be, some basic portrait theory and how I interpret “character” capture. I then got them stuck into drawing each other and making sure they had fun in the whole drawing process.

It was great fun and really fulfilling to get the kids excited about the art of caricature – a subject that has little to no attention in traditional school art curriculum and something that I had to teach myself. I received some good feedback about how much they enjoyed it. Some photos from the day below.


>Grant Thorton gig

January 4, 2011

>One of the more interesting gigs over the Christmas period was the Grant Thorton Christmas party (not because a couple that sat down in front of me were the parents of an old university mate) but also because my drawings were being projected up on a big screen. At first the concept of spoiling the “reveal” was a bit annoying but it turned out to be a great idea in terms of keeping the clients entertained whilst being drawn. Some feedback below:

Jeremy was a great hit at our annual client function and really helped to make our night a success.  Our guests really enjoyed having their ‘portraits’ done and having the work projected on a big screen was great also.  Jeremy was so quick and friendly with our guests as he drew – we kept him busy all night!
Joanne Casey | Market Engagement Manager
Grant Thornton Australia
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>Verve Energy Awards Night

November 17, 2010

>Had a gig on the Paddle Steamer “Decoy” for an Awards night last month and met a lot of really nice people there. Had a great time caricaturing and got some feedback in the post which was nice to receive. See below.


>Stanley’s 2010

November 17, 2010

>Had an amazing time at the Stanley’s a few weekends back meeting people from the Australian Cartoonist Association, including catching up with Jason Seiler from Chicago and the legendary Stan Goldberg of Archie fame. Will post some photos shortly. Terry and I were Stanley’s virgins and had a great time catching up with Eastern States counterparts. Congrats to Jason Chatfield being elected new ACA president!

>Commission job

August 16, 2010


>Did a very well-organised gig at the Breakwater Tavern at Hillary’s Boat Harbour with Terry Dunnet on Friday and he was kind enough to send me a photo of me with my “wall” for the night.


>I got a request to do a Live gig last Friday for a real-estate company but with only a day’s notice there was a clash, so the compromise was to do my usual “live” style caricatures, but from photos, which I did – Results below.

>Here a couple of caricatures I did during yesterday’s ACA caricature workshop in Ardross. The one of Gary (orange hair) won me “Best Caricature of the Day by an ACA member”. Thanks to James and Phil for organising this workshop it was a lot of fun!


Last Thursday night was a charity dinner held at Joondalup Resort and I was asked by BBC Entertainment to provide some volunteer caricaturing services. It was an honour to help out such a good cause.
Thanks to Trisha, Michelle and Tess for a great event and to Kelly from KAM Images Photography for taking these great shots!


Was going through my camera today and discovered some photos on the internal memory (the part of the camera photos get saved to when you don’t have the external memory card in it) and some were from the Ohio convention, including my fully completed “wall” (the one in colour). Here they are: