Teaching Caricature

April 28, 2011

I was asked to present and teach caricature to a group of talented┬ákids last week at Bullcreek Primary school as part of the PEAC program (Primary Extension And Challenge). I remember doing this at schoolmyself, but all I got to do was learn computer programming in Turbo Pascal…

I introduced caricature, what I interpret it to be, some basic portrait theory and how I interpret “character” capture. I then got them stuck into drawing each other and making sure they had fun in the whole drawing process.

It was great fun and really fulfilling to get the kids excited about the art of caricature – a subject that has little to no attention in traditional school art curriculum and something that I had to teach myself. I received some good feedback about how much they enjoyed it. Some photos from the day below.


Birthday Gift commission

April 28, 2011

Birthday gift commission I did recently in Black and White format – digitally painted.

Perth Caricature Team

April 12, 2011

Yesterday the “Perth Caricatures” website was launched by Terry. Thanks to Terry for all his hard work. The idea is that since we often get asked to work together anyway and offer such a broad range of styles, this becomes a premium service provided in a “one-stop-shop”. Additionally, working collectively can offer some benefits that single caricaturists can’t – namely, simultaneous diversity of styles, plus, a faster throughput of caricatures in a given timeframe!

Check out the new website here.