April 29, 2009

>Did this commissioned piece last night for a client who had seen me at the Brewery Entertainer’s expo… art stix on illustration board.


>Spent a Sat 18th April helping to raise money for the Variety Club by contributing all proceeds from caricatures at the Perth Markets. Was a bit slow to start because of drizzly weather, but things ended up picking up a bit towards the end.

Had fun caricaturing stall owners during the quiet periods. Here are some of faces from the day…  One interesting request of the day was whether I’d be able to draw a caricature from a “description”…. I politely declined and referred the guy to Terry Dunnett who is an ex-police sketch artist and now caricaturist/illustrator.

>Variety Bash

April 13, 2009

>Momentum Engineering are raising money for the Variety Club Bash and I’ve done a caricature of the three amigos that will be entering in it. All the details can be found at www.team1970.com.au. If you’re interested in contributing to this worthy cause then details for donations are on the website.

>Starlight Gig

April 12, 2009


Thanks again to Jason putting me forward to Joanne for the Starlight Big Kid’s night out gig which Steve, myself and Dave did caricatures to raise money. Between us we raised around $600. A couple of shots from the event here:

>Recent Live gigs

April 12, 2009

>It’s been a while since the last post, so thought I’d show some recent live caricature gig snaps. This one here is of the 4 guys that will be touring Australia for the Jersey Boys productions (musical based on the life of Frankie Vallie and the 4 seasons). 

Thanks to Jason for recommending me for this gig. Was fun.

I don’t usually “pick” people out of a crowd to draw because too many times that’s ended very awkwardly, but some people are just worth that risk. Luckily Andrew here was open to the idea. I love drawing glasses on people.