Courtesy of Steve’s flickr account. Got some nice soap for this.


>Spent some of this Aussie day weekend at the opening of the Perth markets. Met up with Stephen Price who organised a stall and did everything properly like setting up the sign, getting there on time, etc. Me on the other hand tagged along at my leisure like some sort of caricaturing bum.
Loved the set-up – did a caricatur
e of the soap lady in the stall next door and went to town on her – she said if I felt any sharp pains that night that it was because she was going to make a voodoo doll of me and planned on stabbing it wildly. I didn’t manage to get a photo of it but here are some of the others which included my biggest live one yet – a family of seven!

January 22, 2009

>Urban Hero Barassi caricature I completed Wednesday night, just in the nick of time to avoid the penalty fees from Troy.

I managed to crank up the Presets and find some drive last night. Continued work on Ron Barassi caricature which I’d already done the pre-sketch on. The “firsts” on this piece include using “canvas paper” and a “wet palette”.
The canvas paper is just that – paper which exhibits the slight grained texture of actual canvas. I actually like it – it’s really taking the paint nicely and I was enjoying the use of the glazed mixing medium because it gave me a lot of freedom to wash out the flesh tones to the desired weight.
The wet palette is something I picked up from Jacksons which includes a couple of sponges and some wax paper. I still needed to use a spray bottle which I mixed medium into and sprayed over the palette while I worked, so it seems the main point of this thing (the palette I got at least) is to keep the acrylic paints wet for the following day (not during a session).
Hopefully finish this off tonight because I have a deadline to have it done for tomorrow night’s unveiling at Troy‘s place ($500 fine otherwise!). By the way, Troy has been making updates to my webpage and has recently put the link to this blog on there. Why does he do this? Because he is a top bloke, that’s why.

Blog, schmog… as a result of not having sufficient web editing tools, I’ve chosen the easier option and finally jumped onto this blog bandwagon.

To kick things off I’ve attached my most recent piece I’ve done for an up-and-coming exhibition in Ellenbrook. The theme is “Heroes and Villians” and it reflects what the new US president elect is “expected” to be doing with regards to the conflict on the Gaza strip once he is in power… let’s wait and see shall we – the answer is only days away…